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Production skills:




Art Direction



Character Design

Production Design


Traditional 2D animation

Cutout animation

Motion Graphics



Software skills:


ToonBoom (way better than Flash)


After Effects




Dragon Frame  (Stop-Motion)

Logic Pro X (sound)


Professional personality attributes:


Calm & focussed in emergencies

Excellent team player & leader

Unafraid of serious graft & long hours

Very fast learner

Extremely loyal

Good sense of (black) humour




I have ink in my blood (and I don't mean from a bad tattoo)...


I've been described as the animation 'pimp'… a one man band with a little black book of production staff I can call upon to get any job done. Staying lean means I can bend with the wind and work miracles with budgets and deadlines. I can handle projects for clients, agencies and production companies from my studio in Cambridge, or in house.


I've been freelance since 2002, and have worked for a broad range of clients and agencies In the UK, Europe and the US including:








I taught myself to animate during my directorial début for a series of 12 TVC's for a major brand and a major ad agency. A steep learning curve? Definitely. But I'm not someone to allow opportunity to slip through my fingers. I've been a firefighter and a scuba instructor in the past, and have a wealth of life experience that has given me an acute sense of perspective, and a desire to grab life by the balls.


My other great passion (apart from my beautiful wife and daughter) is marine conservation. ‘Future We Make’ is an initiative I’m helping to establish to employ strategic communication techniques within arts projects for conservation, to improve their reach and effectiveness from the outset.


sim marriott

director | artist | animator

0044 (0)7929 865338